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Worse than Sheoples (Sheeples) who just follow the herd mentality of the masses, who listen to mainstream news and media and believe that all is good in the world as long as they have their tv, falling prices and cheap goods from Chinamart and sports on tv...

Asleoples are people who may as well be braindead. These are the people who are truly asleep at the wheel.

You tell them something and they respond with, "Wow, I never heard of that..." and not just once, but often.

Asleoples don't know the basics of life like "righty tighty, lefty loosey" (go look it up on Google if I have to explain) or what cursive writing is or references to pop culture and history for the past 100 years of their country is all about.

They are worse than Sheoples because they contribute even less than them.
I walked up to a young guy, at the Occupy Wall Street rally, who was obviously one of the asleoples. I asked him what the current topic of conversation was as well as the direction of the movement and what progress they were making? He replied, "I don't know dude... I'm just standing here because I don't have a job and I can get in on a pizza and other things for only a few bucks. This place is pretty cool."
by OahnX March 28, 2013
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