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Asian people (usually males in their teens) who try to act cool by doing things such as smoking, dancing, and acting in a very asian gangster way. Some examples are the way they dress and their hair (very noticeable and hair is usually straightened then waxed with the classic gatsby). LAN gaming and dancing ,such as the Melbourne shuffle and c-walking, are also a major part of being an asian teeny bopper. Asian TB's also have to hang out in asian places so they are able to met with other asian tb's and so called "crews".
Guy 1: I was in line at Mcdonlads with this Asian Teeny bopper today, he started c-walking right in front of me.

Guy 2: Yeah, there are so many Asian TB's today, its really annoying.
by ESTFU October 10, 2008
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asians that have their hair spiked up (most likely males)
they mainly listen to rnb, harstyle etc.
they always have some sort of dance such as:
- bboying
- cwalking
- shuffling
- jerking etc..
there's always a group of them, with their kool hair.
they're pro at dance dance revolution (some of them)

oh and the try hard teeny boppers talk like this:
- o h33yy buuuuBYyy <333 h0W @ree y0uu? - (females)
though the originals:
- yoo heey. what's up? -
1. i was walking down the street and i saw this group of asian teeny boppers bboying. they were pro as!
by dddaaa July 09, 2010
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