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a group of asians, usually girls who hang out in a group. The asians range from different types of asians. They are always seen with anyone from their mafia at all times.
Zack: Look there goes the asians

Asian Mafia: We're the asian mafia
by thepandabear January 19, 2013
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A group of seventh grade Asians that hang out in a gang eat raw noodles,and beat up Mexicans.
Darryl Nguyen:Lets beat that Mexican up!
Asian Mafia:YEAH!
-5 minutes later.-
Dante Garcia:-sob- WHAT DID I DO?! -sob-
Asian Mafia:You ain't asian.
by Ethan Hong Long Nguyen September 20, 2012
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A group of Asians who like to think they are "cool". They generally smoke and hang around in stairwells and get in everyone's way. They will have a distinctive thing that they do- this could be anything, from all turning their collars up, to walking in a certain way.

They think they are above their peers, and tend to talk in their native language so that their talk is "secret".Generally thought of as being quite thick, hence they are labeled the Asian Mafia, which is a direct contradiction, because the mafia are from only select countries: Italy for example.
The Asian Mafia at her school were always picking fights and getting caught smoking.
by Bringer of Hope December 27, 2008
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