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"Asian Kite Porn" is by definition the act of three or more Asians (typically two men and a woman) utilizing or riding kites during sex and are filmed doing so. It's an ancient technique, kite sex. The first recorded act of kite sex was 300 A.D. in the small village of Kung Pau Poo in Southern China. Asian Kite Porn became a legitimate part of the adult media industry in the late 1930's and is still very popular in the Asian Fetish community today.
Uno -"Dude, those Asian's on the tube are having kite sex!"

Dos -"Dude, this s*** is straight f***ed up! But i can't stop watching it... it's so damn graceful!"

Uno -"Terrible word choice, dude... this s*** is majestic. I think I'm in love with Asian Kite Porn!"
by JTizzo May 24, 2011
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