A grade between 80 and 89%.

Likewise, an Asian C is from 90-94% and an Asian B is from 95-99%. Only a grade of 100+ can be called an Asian A.
"Oh my god! I got a B in math!"
"Get ready for some kung-fu ownage when you get home, because you just got an Asian F!"
by Quintessential Stereotype April 25, 2008
An A-. Many traditional Asian households are known to be stricter when it comes to education. An A- in these traditional Asian households is the equivalent of the average American's F.
"Hey, what'd you get?"
"Man, I got an Asian F. My mom's gonna KILL me!"
by muahhahhahhahhhaha October 5, 2011
There are two existing grades in the eyes of an Asian parent.

1. A
2. Not a (an Asian F)

American grade to Asian grade translate

+C= Please read the my Asian parents just found out I got a score below b book for reference

C=It is a legend that if your grade falls below this point the god yunogetapluss will erase every trace of existence and send you to the land of disappointments
You got a B now imagine your parent’s faces if they saw you got an F that is the Asian f

Or use your previous test score and refer to the translator
by Yunogetapluss November 19, 2017