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Asia Qatar

Metropolis-based Crime-Fighting Super-Heroine: A ravishing redhead with luminous green eyes, the mysterious Ms. Qatar is a force to be reckoned with... Adorned in a skin-tight black hooded catsuit, patent-leather yellow utility-belt & matching Hunter boots, she brings the pain and fights life's injustices with an array of fierce weaponry, notably psychological-warfare & mind-control techniques. Her most formidable ally; camoflage-expert Indy Kittar, a stealthy feline herself. She patrols the City's rooftops and alleyways, and will pounce with ferocity if she sees her mortal enemy, The Red Ribbon Gang. Unsubstantiated claims of Qatar's real identity are prolific; Ms. Ivy Oppenheier, professional therapist, is known to be 'friends' with Qatar...
In a world of peril, there is but One... One who'll fight. Fight for justice. Justice her way.... Asia Qatar. Coming to a comic-book store near you!
by gmlbf914 January 07, 2011
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