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The greatest person you will ever meet. If you have one hold her tight and never let her go because she is never coming back for you. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out, and she's FUNNAY. She hates guys named Danny, because there gay and man-whores. She lives life to its fullest and likes to party with Obama. (Barack Obama that is.) Her legacy is to be famous, maybe an actress. She is very outgoing and likes rollercoasters. (RAGING BULL.) She loves her cousin. (CONNAYNAY.) FOSHIZZLES.
Hey, is that Ashurina?

Yeah, Why?

Oh, well her cousin Connie is pretty darn cool.

One day I want to marry me a Ashurina.

Oh, that beautiful thing, YEAH that's an Ashurina.
by Smart Sexy Beast January 22, 2011
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