Whilst having consensual sex with a woman, the man ejaculates into the females belly button. He then proceeds to extinguish his cigarette/swisher sweet in her belly button.
I gave her the ashtray last night while smoking a swisher sweet.
by 2q2592862028=22233 December 3, 2014
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A name commonly used for the neighborhood Princeton West, located just outside of Walton High School. It is called the Ashtray because of the large number of scene, skater, and stoner kids who smoke cigarettes and various other things at the front of the neighborhood.
Stoner Kid #1: "Hey bro, wanna meet me at The Ashtray after school Friday? I'll smoke you up."
Stoner Kid #2: "Yeah dude, all my skater and scene friends will be there, too!"
by EastCobbSnob May 30, 2009
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when pounding a girl from the back, you sit an ashtray on her back, so you have somewhere to rest your smokes. it's common courtesy, as otherwise, you would be ashing your cigarette on her back, and that would just be inappropriate
wait baby, don't move. I got to get my ashtray before I take you to the doggystyle pound town
by dirty dynamite April 10, 2011
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A "finishing" move performed after intercourse in which one puts their cigarette out in the groin area of the other person, usually performed on a woman, hence the name "Ashtray."
So get this, after the whore and I were done, we were laying there and smoking when I reached down and put my cig out on her coot! The Ashtray!
by A rash August 21, 2006
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Someone who can't stop thinking of a past lover.
"Sam just get over Rozy shes jank."

"i can't i love her bare! i guess im just an ashtray."
by Pill Will October 22, 2007
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1. A tray for storing ash.
2. A person who smells like a tray for storing ash.
3. The coolest person to ever exist, blessed the Earth with his prescence almost 15 years ago, and to this day he wonders what this planet would do without him.
1. "I'm a cancer-ridden scumbag, pass me my ashtray."
2. "STOP SMELLING YOURSELF..." "I smell like an Ashtray."
3. "Hey, you know Ashtray?" "Yeah. That guy who's the best guitar player at our school, controller of the universe, and future Prime Minister of the World?" "Yeah, him. I heard that his new band is going to rule." "Of course it will, he's in it." "Well, I'm out, I'm going to masturbate to this picture of Ashtray I found." "Shit yeah, negro!"
by Teh Ashtray April 23, 2006
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Fucking a girl doggie style, and putting your cigarette out on her asshole
I gave that bitch an ashtray because her asshole stank.
by StuWert May 14, 2008
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