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A made up language which cannot actually be spoken aloud, but rather only tpyed over the Internet. The language cannot be understood by most as it is only consists of a bunch of random letters being hit on the keyboard. However, it can be understood by the elite members of the Ashley Society. Ashliguage is used to express any emotion that you want it to (ie. happiness, boredom, excitement, being scared, etc).
Person #1: Dude, did you hear about TH coming to town next month?
Person #2: Nndu4yu3y7y&@T!*TN*~!! OMFG NO! @#HJ$Y&@nmfug!(&*
Person #1: Whoa, calm down. No need to break out the Ashliguage.
Person #2: I can't help it. They're my fave band! H#&Y$&y87*#^@!!!!!!!
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