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Ashley Gekido Kimaru is a infamous author on a website called she has written 15 stories for Digimon, Sailor Moon, Strawberry Panic!, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Kannazuki no Miko, and Kingdom Hearts thus far. Ashley writes Yuris, Yaois, Hentais and Incests according to her Twitter @AshleyKimaru. She is fictionally the adoptive daughter of Orochimaru and fictionally the little sister of Itachi Uchiha, Gaara of the Sand, the whole Sound Four and the rest of the Akatsuki. One of Ashley's stories that might become a legacy could be Love Finds No Gender aka LFNG a trend in the making #LoveFindsNoGender. Ashley is a Jinchuuriki-Saiyan in most of her stories and is dating Luna Rabu Takahashi (married in How We Met) and has dated Jade Hayashi one of her best friends and is the main enemy of Kylee Stephanie Samson who is rumored to come into the story of Love Finds No Gender backtracking why she hates both Jade and Ashley.
You want to wash my wheels?-Ashley Kimaru's pickup lines
"You two scared me out there! I lost a lot in my life I don't want you two too be another one of them."-Ashley in How We Met
"Ugh…shut up! Don't tell me…WHAT TO DO!"--Ashley under control of the Tanuki (Shukaku) in Baby Chronicles
"How in the holy hell does a Digimon get grounded!"--Ashley in Another Day! Another Villain!
by DarkDevilRevenge September 04, 2011
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