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A person who loves to talk. Usually nice but can be extremely mean without remorse. Very attractive and Asherr usually has really nice hair . This person can be a girl or boy. If a girl, she tends to have an attitude but it's attractive . If it's a boy he's very nice and usually has a great personality. Asherr (weather boy or girl) has a huge heart and cares about a lot but doesn't like to show it. Although they tend to overthink a lot, they are very caring .
"Yo that Asherr chick is so beautiful!"

"Asherr's Cool Asf"
by Gallly Make June 01, 2017
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a person who's very laid back and down to earth. Often a grammar Nazi. Usually blue eyed with dirty blonde hair. Has a hidden New Yorker accent. Cute bashful and typically can be a huge bitch if you cross its or its' family. Perfect match for spidermonkies.
Spidermonkey: Whoa you see that girl?! She must be an Asherr!
by rocketshiplover69 May 25, 2012
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