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An Ash-O-Lantern is a person who loves Ash Horne from The Midnight Beast an unbelievable amount.

A lot of them try and spread him around to help him become more famous :P they obsess over random videos of him also... Some find a little (or alot) too much info about him...Some can be seen as freaky .. others just really really reeeeally like him.. all in all they love Ashley Horne.

They can be seen on all Ash related message boards.
Girl 1: Do you consider yourself an Ash-O-Lantern?

Girl 2: Well last Saturday I spent hours trying to find a leather jacket like Ash's and got my brother to buy it and wear it... so .. you could say that...

Boy: Hey guys!

(gets ignored)

Girl 1: Oh man did you see that video of him dancing!! I tried to learn the dance ... I guess I be an Ash-O-Lantern too..

Boy: guys? hello?... (hangs his head in sadness)
by tipsofmytoes May 16, 2010
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