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Asexual sex is the most sexual interactions an asexual female will ever have with another person for any reason other than to please another person. This activity is strangely pleasing to asexual females, even if they dislike being touched, and is also referred to as asexy sex, or nosing.

Asexual sex is conducted by lying next to or on top of another person, and nuzzling their skin gently with your nose. The most common / pleasing form is nuzzling the facial skin, but the same technique can also be applied to other parts of the body. During this process, the asexual is generally fond of feeling or listening to their partner's breathing. The participants often switch roles during the process, alternating between the nuzzler and the one being nuzzled.
Asexual sex is not necessarily a sexual activity, and while preferable, does not even need to be conducted between two asexual females. It pleases the asexual female, but does not need to sexually arouse her. This is often misunderstood, as asexy sex is often accompanied by soft moaning or purring noises.
Nosing is a comforting activity which is meant to create pleasure in a comfortable and non-awkward way, and is done in the dark. Both participants must be fully consensual in order for the asexual female to feel comfortable. Clothing is optional but preferred depending on circumstances and level of comfort with the other person.
Person 1 - We're both asexual, and I'm feeling cuddly. Wanna have asexual sex?
Person 2- Sure, as long as we can't see each other, because that would be weird.
by AsexualKiwi March 27, 2015
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