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1.asalyna means: Beautiful,sweet, stylish, girl.

2.An "asalyna" is someone female with natural beauty and a great sense of humor.

3.If you see an "asalyna" and you know that she is an "asalyna" then you should go tho her homepage and leave her a message

4.Is she a "asalyna"?
You can see it on this things:
Her hair is moustly blond.
Her eyes blue, and she looks beautiful.

5.If you know an asalyna, you should
be nice to her.
If you are mean or nasty,
she can kill you.

6.Beware! xD

7."asalyna"=an another wort for:
Winner,Beautyness,Glamour or Sweetness...

8."asalyna" means;
naturally beautiful female.
pete: do u know "asalyna"?

tom: yeah!!

pete: shes special...

tom: yh, just "asalyna"...
by Langenscheidt July 14, 2008
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