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1.) When having a conversation the person speaking will inject future words from future sentences that they had in their head into the current sentence that they are saying.

2.) When you saying a sentence quickly you accidentally say the sentence as one word.

3.) Not enough RAM to process the data you're spewing from your mouth.
1.) In my head I'm thinking this:

"You guys wanna go play some video games."
"Because I just got the new Resident Evil."

But I say this:

"You guys wanna go play the Resident Games."

2.) I wanted to say this:
"Hey, did I show you my new motorcycle"
"Hey, did I shownewcycle"

3.) Basically, you just slew your words together or repeat the first word a few times because you can't process the paragraph of information in your head into a beginning sentence. Asah Asah ah is the sound you make trying to get these words out.
by hey_suburbia May 07, 2009
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