An American soap opera on CBS that has been on the air since 1936. It was this show that first harbored such young actors as Meg Ryan, Julianne Moore, and Marisa Tomei. In recent years it has seen a great deal of increasing and declining of popularity, but garnered a wide amount of media attention when, in 2007, it showcased American daytime's first ever gay teen couple; Luke Snyder and Noah Mayer, also known as Nuke. Some of the show's most popular couples include:
* Holden and Lily
* Jack and Carly
* Tom and Margo
* Bob and Kim
* Craig and Sierra
* Simon and Katie
* Steve and Betsy
* Paul & Meg
* Will and Gwen
* Luke and Noah
* Casey and Alison
* Henry and Vienna
"Did you catch yesterday's episode of As The World Turns?"
"No, I only like Luke and Noah; I'm going to wait till they're uploaded on youtube."
by Sylvesterianio April 17, 2009
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The best fucking Eminem song ever!!!!!!!!
Example 1
As the world turns is my favorite track off of The Slim Shady LP

Example 2 (True Story)
Me to my best friend sam: Yo sam, listen to this song I found on that USB my aunt gave me, it is quite possibly the best song of all time
Sam: ok, what is it?
Me: The best fucking song ever *Plays it*
Eminem: It all started when my mother took my bike away cuz I murdered my guinea pig & stuck him in the microwave
Sam: What in the actual muther fuck did I just hear?
by Krak Hed September 9, 2020
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