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Aryelle (or Ariel) is a sweetheart. She's very beautiful, a great actress, and always wears her hearts on her cheek. If you ever need anyone to talk to or tell a secret, go to her! She keeps secrets and doesn't tell anyone. Aryelle/Ariel hides her true feelings, but she's not very good at it. For an awesome actress, she's not really good at denying feelings for anyone or anything. But besides that, Aryelle acts really tough and badass (though she can be when mad), she's actually just a loveable dork. So if you ever find yourself an Aryelle/Ariel, you better keep her.
"Whoa! That girl's so hot, she must be an Aryelle/Ariel!"
by BaBaBlackSheepHaveYouAnySoul October 30, 2016
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