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The generic name given to a general type of ARMOROID denoting certain charictoristics. (From the table game war gamers play called ARMOR.)

Artilleroids generally:
1.) Are usually 100 plus tons so as to mount heavyier weaponry on their chasis.
2.) Mount mostly if not all long range or extended range artilley. (Also inclusive of large missle bombardment mountings.)
3.) Tend to have light armor because they are not regarded as front line units. Intended usage of this unit is to present barrage indirect fire and remain out of direct contact with enemy units. Note: The behemoth sports heavy armor and weapons but suffers from a lack of speed which leads to being over run by ememy armoroids.
4.) Has a tendancy to mount only balistic weapons as energy weapons tend to be line of sight and can't be used as indirect fire.
Player 1.) "I'm advancing six armors to the front ranks by the house."
Player 2.) "Boom! I had an ARTILLEROID posted 5 miles back who just salvoed all his heavy missles on your units. Your toast!"
Player 1.) "Arrggg!! I took heavy damage to two of my ARMOROIDS and your still way to far away for me to return fire!"
by armoroid 5000 July 29, 2009
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