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1. Internet Villain Douche. Supreme Douche of the Universe. In 2009 created a blog about his self-described "Journey", referring to his inevitable rise to fame as an actor and his greatness at getting chicks, specifically chicks that he deems are "9's or 10's. In 2009 he surpassed John Edward as greatest douche in the universe. 99% of comments on his blog explain his doucheyness buy the doucheness has reached such critical mass it is incapable of self-awareness.

2. n. complete douche; any person who by general consensus is a complete cheese dick that is unaware of their douchy effect on others, e.g. making others so angry and disappointed in the level of doucheyness that this new asshole has reached that it results in an utter loss of faith in mankind.

3. n. Any delusional internet faggot persona who thinks they are great and admired by others when in reality they make others want to commit collective suicide in horror.
Man that guy is such an Arthur Kade; he actually thinks people read his blog in earnest interest when really they are glued like accident bystanders to the sheer doucheyness of the faggot.

"John has reached the point of a douche intervention from his friends. His Arthur Kadeyness has reached such a point he no longer understands that talking about himself in the 3rd person and how many 9's and 10's he fucks not even Tucker Max could compete in internet blog arrogant doucheyness. Fuck that Kade faggot."
by The Douche Hunter September 27, 2009
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