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A comedy fanatic who commonly has delusions of grandure, even though he/she has acheived something spectacular in the field of comedy/youtube in general.

Many common misconceptions include the idea that 'ArseRaptor' means a lad who likes taking wenches up the rear, or even some gay guy who does dudes up the 'arse'. These are obscenities, and such definitions of 'ArseRaptor' should be frowned upon.
Random citizen: "Have you seen any of ArseRaptor's videos?"
Random citizen's friend: "Of course."

Loyal youtuber: "ArseRaptor's videos are awesome!"
by REALArseRaptor August 07, 2012
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Men who prey upon young, attractive women in bars or night clubs. They often move quickly from area to area and hunt in packs, hence the likeness to raptors. These are the kind of men who are often from an upper middle class background and use understand the concept of 'lad points' and 'banterousness'.
Arseraptor 1 - 'Well hello there ladies. My friends and I have been struck by your beauty and grace. Can I buy you a drink?'

Girl - 'Piss off, you Arse Raptor.'

Arseraptor 2 - 'That was a class example of banterous behavior. Lad points all round!'
by CorporalL98 July 10, 2011
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