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An Arrick is a complete and total bitch, who will hurt you easily and lie to make it seem like you two are okay. Stay away from this guy. He is a hipster and charming, so even if he is nice to you, let it last.
Girl One: "Why is that guy from school talking behind my friend's back? i thought he liked her!"

Girl Two: "Don't you know he's an Arrick?"
by JustAnotherLostGirl May 24, 2017
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Arrick is a beautiful, kind and gentle human being. He has eyes soft as a meadow and a dick harder then hurricane rain. If you ever meet an Arrick (specifically spelled this way) you must always flash your titties and make sure to stick out your booty...cause he likes that shit. With his southern, country drawl and sparkling personality, Arrick is a gent who is sure to please be it in a meeting space, a sleeping space, or even, in the lobby.
Girl One: "Boy howdy I'm horny AF. Sure would love to be dicked down unlike I ever have before!"

Girl Two: "Sho you is right...find you an Arrick (specifically spelled this way) and you won't walk right for weeks!"
by Pool Boy Slutzky September 14, 2017
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