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a) n: A breed of horse.

b) When used as a proper name, it describes the manliest of men, one who loves deeply, who lives righteously, provides for his family, loves the outdoors, enjoys entertaining, and adores children. A champion conversationalist, can make even the most introverted person feel completely at ease. Insists on pancakes made from scratch, and will melt at the sight or aroma of pecan pie. His voice is like a tiger's purr. One hug from Arpoika cures despair. Kindness is his most powerful trait, and would even wash dishes for a friend in need. Is a fierce protector of those he loves. Will not hesitate to strike with lethal justifiable force, to protect his family. His countenance shines with deep joy, and a love of God.
How soon can I sign my husband up for Arpoika lessons?

This is a thoroughbred Arpoika.

Arpoika pancakes for breakfast anyone?
by weirdalgal February 05, 2010
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