A golfer who often slices and hooks after striking the golf ball. Most golfers have one or the other (slice or hook) but someone who plays "army golf" hits both types of wayward shots. He/She hits one right, left, right, left just like they are marching in the army.
Golfer 1: "Hey Bill, how did you hit em'?

Golfer 2: "Oh man I was playing army golf today... Right, Left, Right, Left."
by tommy gunns May 23, 2010
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The situation when a player is spraying the golf ball all over the golf course in different directions.
I play army golf; right, left, right, left from one side of the course to the other. More than I would like, I hit the ball into shrubs or trees rather than into the generous mowed areas of grass.
by Joannis December 22, 2020
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