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A group of semi-humans primarily living in the Glendale area of Los Angeles known for their lack of culture, social norms and etiquette. They are spotted easily by their hairy unkept looks, funny clothes and large gold crosses. Even more repugnant is the fact that you can smell one from a distance as they seriously lack a sense of hygiene. They cover their sofas with plastic and decor their homes with Home Goods tackiness. They talk loudly, drive terribly and stare at Humans in a peculiar way especially if that Human drives a german car or is dressed in Armani. If one gets too close to you just say 'Turk' and it will go away!
Gosh John you're becoming such an armoid! Go take a shower and get a shave!

Stop being such an armoid-clean up your mess and be nice and polite to your parents!
by GlendaleNative July 21, 2010
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