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Straight from Holland, Armin van Buuren (AvB) is one of today's most respected and well-known trance DJs in the world, along with other popular DJs like Tiesto, Paul van Dyk and Ferry Corsten, with whom he often collaborates with.

AvB runs his own weekly show, A State of Trance (ASOS), in which he compiles some of the best songs of that time into a mix. His big 200th episode aired June 9th, 2005 on Digitally Imported radio, in which he displayed his profound ability to blend and layer songs into one mix.

AvB also produces and remixes single tracks, many of which have become very popular in the trance scene, such as "Burned With Desire", "Communication", "Janeiro" and "Shivers".

Regardless of opinions, Armin van Buuren has a loyal fanbase and passionately influences the rave scene around the world.

Armin is a lawyer in his spare time.
While many argue over whether Tiesto is better than Armin van Buuren, I say that they are best in their own degrees.
by Elevate June 30, 2005
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World-famous DJ from the Netherlands, often abbreviated as AvB. Repeatedly voted #1 DJ in the world. Hosts the weekly radio show "A State of Trance" (ASOT) on DI.FM, which is considered to be (one of) the most important radio shows of the trance music scene.

Commonly considered to be a trance DJ, while this was true in the past, it isn't any more today. In his sets, both online and on live events, he plays all kinds of electronic music, house and progressive house, techno and techtrance, electro and electrotrance (if there is such a thing), and the modern minimal style "trance".

The biggest criticism however comes from the fact that he's pushing the worldwide trance scene towards poppish vocal trance. This is reflected by any and all of his own recent productions, which aren't trancy at all, but are just a variant of pop music with a house beat. Unfortunately most people still consider this to be trance, just due to the fact that it has AvB written on it and they think he is the "god" of trance, and thus he is largely responsible for trance music losing its identity and becoming a sub-genre of pop music.

Common nicknames for his weekly radio show include ASOC, ASOP, ASOB (A State of Crap, Pop and Bitching respectively, the latter due to the massive amount of bitching going on in the DI.FM forums during his shows, from the many trance listeners being unhappy with the show) and also different interpretations of ASOT (such as A State of Trash).
A: Wow, Armin van Buuren played in our local club yesterday, that was the best trance night ever!

B: You idiot, that was mostly vocal pop house, not trance.
by DJMoses May 12, 2009
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1. Over-rated.
2. To get famous with other peoples good music
Totally, Yeah! right Over-rate: "AvB is god!"
by Max May 21, 2003
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