Armend is an albanian famous name. Armend is one of the most hottest guys that every girl wants. He is cool, and aint stressing. Everybody likes him, and many are jealous on him. He allways gets what he wants, and he also gets the hottest girls.
That guy Armend in the other class is so damn hot.
by Besushe February 14, 2012
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Pulling an Armend is usually referred to as when someone at works dislikes their management, co-workers, or pay and decides to leave work during lunch without notice and never come back, or not even showing up to your shift at all.
Josh: What’s up bro what you getting for lunch?
Tyler: idk man I think I’m just gonna pull an Armend.

Pulling an Armend is the act of not showing up after lunch or purposely missing your shift.
by Yonderoo21 March 06, 2019
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