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Armagetron is an amazing game from, created from the movie Tron, allows up to four players on one computer. You play inside a grid which you can change the size of, you move none stop and can never stop unless you die by crashing. The point of the game is to cause you opponent to crash into the really long line you make
or cause them to ram into a wall. If you watched tron you would get a better sence of the game. Words like "boxed in"
stand for when you trap and opponent, the term "camping" is fucking gay and should never be used when playing. The term "grinding" is when you ride along a wall to gain speed, your side start to show sparks aswell thats why its called grinding. A game the passes the time, and can also consume lives for losers who play online all day, and get a kick out of it online everday.

the term "core dumped" is gay too...

Armagetron is online but will not consume your life trust me
you wont be dying to play it. READ A BOOK!

16BIT- Oh yeah im grinding
KA$H- you grind to much, im going to box you out

tobi- i died...but i took jr tobi with me

jr- stop pressing my buttons...
by yi6uiktuiyiu October 17, 2006
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