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Someone who is very materialistic and unrealistic. They often are snooty, bratty, idiotic, and are usually not worth your time. The female Arlingtonian is often a social whore who needs to be surrounded by male company almost all of her time. A male Arlingtonian is usually a man with no respect for women and is generally cocky, arrogant, unaware and ignorant. Myspace plays a huge role for Arlingtonians and most of the time spend their time at parties with booze, drugs, and the cops almost always show up. They are also known for sleeping with each other reguardless of how well they know each other.
Ex. 1

Male A: My girlfriend dumped me for some guy she met a party.

Male B: Geez, what an Arlingtonian.

Ex. 2

Male A: Some emo was going around school claiming he could fight anyone and win. He wouldn't stop talking.

Male B: Geez, Arlingtonians think they can do anything.
by BlazePyroArtist January 10, 2009
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