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Southern Arlington is the part to the Southern Part of Route 50. The majority of the kids that live here go to Wakefield High School. Most people think of South Arlington as Green Valley, which is where a large mass of black and hispanics live, and is not as nice as the rest of the South Side. Also, fairlington is what comes to most people minds when they think of South Side, this is wrong. I live but a few blocks from Pentagon/Pentagon city in a lil place called "Arlington Ridge Nieghborhood". Not to brag, but the most expenisve nieghboorhood in Arlington. I have love for all Arlies,because we all share the common knowlegdge that southern Virginia is a bunch of hicks, and that Yorktown High School are a bunch of assholes, who couldnt hold a beer down for much more than an hour.
Northie:So I heard you live in South Arlington?
Norhtie:Get shot much?
Sureno:Talkin bout the RIDGE neighbor hood.
by Steve B. March 08, 2005
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