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The sometimes deadly desease in which one cannot stop themselves from eargasming every 2.37 seconds to the band Archaic Eclipse.
ex. 1
"8:37am i cant stop listening to bezerker.
8:37am neither can i.
8:37am its so brutal.
8:37am i'm still listening to lucid also
both of those are on a repeat playlist on my ipod (which i take everywhere)
lol" ~An actual conversation between two sexy, beautiful men with severe cases of Arkhaik Shredtasticitis.

ex 2. *Do not take Archaic Eclipse if you have a pre-existing awesomeness condition, as heart failure and severe hemorrhaging are possible and likely. If you have a Archaic Eclipse lasting for more than 4 hours, contact your doctor immediately, as this could be a sign of a rare but serious side effect (Arkhaik Shredtasticitis).“Don’t wait! Get Archaic Eclipse right now! You won’t regret it.”~Endorsed by ArchaicInc—“Searching for a cure of “Arkhaik Shredtasticitis” to support all those infected. All donations are appreciated!”
by Archaic Drummer December 21, 2010
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