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Very smart, but not school related smart. She can comprehend things that most people can't. She sees the world in a whole different way.
She is also the best damn friend you will ever have, she will always have her friends back. A shy girl at first but once you get to know her, her sarcasm will have you laughing in seconds. Truly a great girl who deserves the up most respect from men. If you are ever lucky enough to get a chance with this girl you should treat her right, because she is one of the greatest girlfriends you will ever have!!! She will put up with a lot for the man she loves, but don't expect her to deal with it forever. Don't give her too much space or you may just lose her. Which would be a true shame. She is the highlight of everyones day. She can be depressed sometimes, but that just means she needs someone to be there.
My Ariyl is so different and amazing. I never want to loose her,
by raspberry April 14, 2011
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