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An Arim is a superior Asian known to be great at everything Asians are great at.
guy 1:Look at that guy, he is so good at maths.
guy 2:He must be an Arim then.
by Lolpmonster May 07, 2013
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is stupid and can't even pass the idiot test, meant for idiots. is the pinacle of human stupidity
you are such an arim
by Darkrai2426 June 02, 2017
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Arim is a person who might get angry for a lot of things, He likes to go out a lot, but also stay home the same time, watching there computer or play some game consoles.

Arim people also like to make jokes a lot and have fun all the time.
Damn, your kind of an arim
by Sieapp18 May 16, 2018
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