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Arietta is a name of Italian origins.

Arietta means soft melody, but when someone named Arietta is angry it usually means she will act distant/semi-rude to everyone until she feels like talking about it. She does not like when people attempt to steal away something that is hers and will never EVER give up a fight until they know for sure who is right and who is wrong
That's a nice Arietta playing on the piano
by SherpShipMip May 02, 2018
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The term Arietta is used in music meaning soft melody. Ariettas tend to be very weird and different in there train of thought. They are very imaginitive. Ariettas may be disappointed at times for not seeing more people with the name Arietta but there stubborn , sarcastic, determined attitude always allows them to prevail. Ariettas also are old souls, most dont understand the problems of the today and beleive they are stupid and easy to solve if everyone would just get along for a few seconds. They also say random things that arent always funny but are definetly weird

"Wow that was a super Arietta thing to say"
by SherpShipMip May 02, 2018
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Arietta is pretty cool and is always the favorite child of the family. She is goofy and super strange and often says stuff that makes no sense but it ends up being funny. Ariettas are also loud af and need to learn to turn it down a decibal. They also hoard stuff that they dont need and will steal the affection of every animal they see.
"THE DUCKS HAVE GONE LOCO FOR CHEESE" Jimmy said. "Thats a very Arietta thing to say"
by SherpShipMip May 01, 2018
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