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cute but sexy, athletic, lovely, smelling delicious, jealous, ambitious, intelligent, beautiful, goodhearted. He likes people to be true, pure and being themselves. So never lie to an Arhun or pretend to be someone else. That's the most definite and fast way to watch and feel an Arhun leaving you.
His appearance is nevertheless mythical, Arhuns don't let anybody into their privacy.
So very lucky you when you are the chosen one to be loved by an Arhun! He calls his darling "mumi", deep from the heart and pronounced in several different ways. His pure, true and intense love can make that chosen woman feel like the most beautiful female creature in the world. Arhuns never cheat on women and as long as he is with that called "mumi", nothing and nobody could lay a finger on her. Arhuns protect their loves. The more he pampers you, the more you could cry when he is angry, sad or simply fucked up. Arhuns don't hide their emotions, they show them to every creature on the world. In the worst case, everybody has to suffer under his anger (caused by annoying him, jealousy, boredom or reasons nobody knows, inclusively himself). If an Arhun reached that named condition, he can treat you so bad that you nearly can't recognize him. But Afterwards he apologizes with his bright blue eyes and suddenly you remember why you always stay with him: you see that nobody could raise these intense emotions (neither good or bad) in you like he does and that's why you'll never want to leave an Arhun.
Arhun: "How do I dress mumi today?"
by Mumi-nados September 16, 2013
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