Argumentum ab Scientia can mean two things, the first one is appeal to expertise, where it seeks on tell something is truth based on the opinion of experts on certain theme, but it can also mean appeal to science, that’s an argument where it says since something is considered as science it’s absolute and cannot be questioned. Both are two forms of argumentum ab scientia, being appeal to expertise more common than appeal to science.
Argumentum ab Scientia is a common argument, mainly among scientistic people or people who put science, mainly natural sciences, as an absolute truth. The two main examples of the argumentum ab scientia can be a question to climate change and the second be “LGBT is a science then cannot be questioned” or even that “there’s nothing beyond matter and there’s just matter because naturalism, scientism and physicalism proved that”. Both are two forms of argumentum ab scientia, being the first one not actually an argumentum ad baculum and the second one is an argumentum ad baculum.!
by Full Monteirism April 22, 2021
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