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(n) (AR-gyoo-MEN-turh-TAYNE-mint)

A source of entertainment, according to the lowest common denominator of human intelligence, derived from watching people argue and generally hate each other. This is most commonly found on situational reality television shows, reality game shows, staged abomination-abortions of popular culture, and mostly anything on Bravo, MTV, or the Style Network.

(Derived from Italian for "obnoxious attention-seeking whores")
Girlfriend: "Oh m'gyah did you see The Jersey Shore the other night? Fackin' Vinny and Paulie fought each other, but neither of them actually threw a punch! What a bunch of pussies, right? It's such a train wreck!"

You: "Woman, get out of my fucking apartment and don't come back until you get it through your head that this awful, goddamn argumentertainment is systematically making you EVEN DUMBER, were that even POSSIBLE, than you were before."
by The_Mailman September 08, 2011
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