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For the people that are Argret, they are sweet and spicy and always have your back. They are the rare gems of passion and loyalty that will be the first to sass you and the last to pass you on party times. If you have an Argret, don’t be fooled by their wild side- they are sincerely wonderful human beings who are more beautiful than fiery sunsets and have more depth than the deep blue seas. If you have an Argret in your life, you have been blessed by the great powers that be with a powerful love and true confidant. Hold on to your Argret, and never let them go!
I have never had the luck to befriend an Argret- my life is empty without her!
by B@ssGurl2800 September 11, 2020
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She is my shining northern star in the clear night sky, and even when it’s cloudy, I know she’s there to guide me home and feed me pizza and wine.
Bill Clinton gave Argret $5.
by Tyranny69 September 19, 2020
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