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1. A descriptive term referring to the sex act better known as 'doggie style' in where the male mounts a female from behind during the act, much like a canine. 2. In reference to pending sexual encounters that may, well in fact, result in the initiation of 'arf sex', as described in definition 1. 3. To describe what normally women would describe as an indiscretionary male devoid/lacking of morals, ethics and, above all, fidelity. 4. In reference to anything that is promising, however, is most likely negative in future prediction (such as in politics and corporate agendas, the military in Iraq, et al.,.)
Sex: "She and I had 'Arf Sex', and it was good!"

Potential Sex: "When she gets here and a few drinks under her belt, we'll have 'Arf Sex'.

Talking about a Playboy: "He's slick! A real 'Arf Sex' kind of guy."

Politics: "That dude talks a good game, but his track record is real 'Arf Sex'. Nothing he promises ever comes true."
by Mike in Aurora, Colorado February 07, 2008
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