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Aremark is a small countyside Located in Østfold, or Indre Østfold in Norway. We have lots of Beautiful Nature and landscapes. There is a nearby city called Halden, But they don't have such beautuful landscapes as Aremark. The inhabitants are known as Aremarkinger(Plural) or Aremarking(Singular), and we er the prime example of how every norwegian should be. We fistfight wild boars and have tamed wolfs as our pets. Aremarkinger are very resistant to cold and we often go in T-shirts, shorts and sandals in the winter.
(in the middle of the winter in Aremark)
A: "It's quite hot today isn't it ?"
B: "Yeah, I think i have to take of my shirts, I'm sweating to death here!"

A: How many fish did you catch today with you bare hands today?
B: I caught a Pike weighting almost 50 Kg, He did put up a real fight, but he was no match to my bare hands.
by MarioMangano September 04, 2011
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