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Areesa is a girl who knows how to have fun. She is beautiful but she doesn't know who she is yet and she might lie a lot. But she is caring and she loves everyone she meets, if they treat her right. Areesa loves acting. And it's because of this that she isn't your average girl. She is strange but not stalker strange. She loves being crazy. If you love her and she loves you, then you better be prepared cause she isn't one to back down. Areesa is a badass. She isn't afraid of anything. Areesa hates liars and she loves her friends. Areesa is very indecisive. Areesa may be a badass, but she is very sensitive and make one move to hurt her, and she will break your face. She loves guys with blonde hair and blue eyes. People pick on her. She goes through a lot in one day.
Barbara: I see Areesa over there! Let’s hang out with her!
by koakao December 27, 2017
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