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Area 11 is the first and only Gaijan Rock band. They are based in Bristol, England. The lead singer, Sparkles* (Tom Clarke) and their guitar player Parv (Alex Parvis) are both members of the youtube gaming group 'The Yogscast'. The band as a whole often supplies music for the Yogscast, including the very successful 'Minecraft Christmastime. Besides Sparkles* and Parv, there are two other members, Kogie (Jonathan Kogan) who plays the Bass and the Saxophone, and Leo Taylor, who plays the drums. Their music is heavily influenced by Anime references, and is quite catchy. Sparkles's* voice is pretty unique. Overall their music is very different to any other band, and worth giving a listen to.
Person 1- "Hey, did you know that Area 11's new EP came out today?"
Person 2- "I know! i've listened to 'In the Blind' so many times. It's amazing!"
by Lochlyn November 03, 2014
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Japan became known as Area 11 after it was conquered by the Britannian Empire. Large deposits of sakuradite in the region prompted invasion and eventual subjugation of the populace, known as elevens under Britannian rule. Use of the terms Japan and Japanese is forbidden by Britannian law.

One of the first usages of the term in popular media was in the program "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion" wherein the protagonist, an international terrorist, attempts a coup in Area 11 in an attempt to reform the independent nation of Japan. The broadcast of this program has been squelched in public by Britannian authorities but underground distribution thrives. Theorists speculate that the popularity of this movement is due to the strong nationalism of the local inhabitants of Area 11 rather than the inherent QUALITY of the broadcast. As of 2008, Britannian authorities see these stirrings as a nuisance and report cultural and political stability in Area 11.
Area 11 produces nearly 70% of the world's sakuradite supply and over 95% of the world's animu supply.
by Forest Troll July 07, 2008
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The country formerly known as Japan, now under control of Britannia. Citizens of Area 11 are known as Elevens.
"When Japan was taken over by the Empire of Britannia in 2010 a.t.b. it became known as Area 11."
by Prince Schnitzel July 07, 2008
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