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1. A very beautiful person with a heart of gold to match. She is the type of person to care for you, but at the same time, won't take your bullshit. She is probably one of the best friends a person could have and will undoubtedly change your life for the better.

2. A person who looks at the world as a whole and with open eyes. Has a boundless amount of wisdom and is willing to listen to you no matter what.

3. A person who you can talk with about anything and it won't be awkward or uncomfortable. A person who you consider a loving and devoted sister.
Wow, that person is so nice and kind...definitely a Ardilyn.
Devine: I hope I'll be the best mom in the world...

Rose: You mean you hope you'll be a Ardilyn for your children?

Rose: Do you think sneezing is healthy ?

Klara: Oh you'd need a Ardilyn to discuss this.

Nina: Wow this party is terribly boring..I wish I had a Ardilyn to pimp this party.

Charly: I've got three hours of free time. I think I'll call a Ardilyn to talk to!

Little Kid: Daddy, where's my Ardilyn?
by rosemarrie August 20, 2011
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