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An amazing, wonderful and intellectually stimulating public high school located in Arcadia, CA -- seventeen miles east of Los Angeles. If you don't mind a school overrun with smart people who may or not be of Asian descent, Arcadia High is for you!

Arcadia boasts more APs per person than any other school with a similar suicide rate. Also, it's teaching staff is unparalleled (except in the science department!)

Arcadia High is best known for its truly amazing and unparalleled Constitution Team (also known as Government or "Gov" Team) which is composed of 30 of the smartest, most amazingly fun, beautiful, and charming seniors in the whole school. This year, Gov Team won first at state, beating out their chief rival, the snooty Amador Valley High School by a landslide. Now they are going off to Nationals, where they hope to pwn East High as well.

Arcadia High also boasts many other impressive student groups and teams, among them the Speech and Debate Team and the Science Bowl Team. It also is ashamed to admit that its football games are only attended by people who wish to see the band perform.

In conclusion, Arcadia High is the best high school ever. It has academic rigor, student excellence, and lots of fun activities. Let's all go to Arcadia High School!
Arcadia High School is a wonderful school located 17 miles east of Los Angeles.

Arcadia High School has a low suicide rate thanks to that letter the counselors send out about the dangers of excessive AP classes!

Arcadia High School's Gov Team is clearly the best in West (at least)! Suck it, Amador!

Arcadia High School is not very good at football.

I love Arcadia High School!
by ArcadiaHighGirl March 13, 2010
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A cool high school located in Accomack County on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Formally known as Atlantic High School, Arcadia was built up from the ashes after a horrible fire that burned down 80% of the school nearly 5 decades ago. The rivals are Nandua High School and Northampton High School. The mascot is the Firebird (the same as a phoenix). The school colors are red and black.
What school do you go to?
Arcadia High School homes!! Home of them FIREBIRDS!!! RED & BLACK!!!
by chelz11 December 13, 2010
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A high school located in the heart of posh Arcadia, CA.

Don't come here if you are poor or white, cool , or a guy.

Everybody here is pissed about something. Asians are pissed that there are too many asians, white people are pissed that there are too many asians. This means that Asians blow.

Its not even the funny Indian guys you kill when robbing 7-11 or something. Its all like fucking Chintos and shit. (you know the smart people in your school without eyes.)

Now onto the high school............... dot dot
the smart people at your school are the dumb one's at our school.

The ugliest bitches at your school would be super hot in Arcadia. This means that our school is full of UGLY ASS BITCHES like worse than blacks and shit

Exception- about 3 out of 2000 girls at our school are hot. oh well at least its a better ratio than.. hmmm... prison?
Monrovia Kids - What the hell you talking shit bout arcadia for (exhales smoke) - I say 2 bitches at the mall from Arcadia that were hot..
Arcadia Guys - oh yeah that would be Carolina and Alex the only two hot girls from our school, they hugged eachother during gradnight and all the guys jizzed in their pants.

On UrbanDictionary some dumb bitch (prolly some bitch from gov team (cant u tell?) said "its filled with beatiful girls, especially the gov team!"
HonestGuy- can you name like 1 hot Arcadia High School girl thats not carolina or alex?
dumb bitch- YEAH!!! Felicity! She so fine!!!
Honest Guy- I forgot your asian, you can't see shit
by ArcadiaHighBoy June 29, 2010
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Thinks their better, only cause their parents pay for everything.

Full of sluts and guys that think there better then everyone else, news flash your not.


The girls are all skinny ass hoes that will fuck anything with a dick.

Their Girls that get fucked up the ass so much, they can’t hold there shit.

AMAZING FOUR member band… SIKE!

Tries way to hard.

Copies Coronado in everything, and calls it there own.

They have a beard club, coooooooool.

Their school looks like a jail.

The mascot is soo creepy!

Only thing they know how to do it talk shit.

The cheerleaders can’t even stunt.

The pep assemblies suck there.

Their Varsity football coaches son goes to COROANDO, that has to say something.

They always show up at Coronado party

They always show up at Coronado hangouts (ex. Fiesta, POP THE SODA SHOP, and LOLO’S)
Fuck Arcadia High School!
by mrfunnyman October 16, 2010
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