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Arbouritium is defined as a alloy metal composing of 75% Iron, 3% Chromium, 2% Molybdenum, 16% selfsenterednessium, and a hint (4%) of retardationite. The metal is commonly found is many common industrial effluents and after years of exposure, can cause sever malfunction mainly due to the last two mentioned chemical properties. Arbouritium is not recommended by the FFDA as it may lead to many substantial job related schedule delays. It is commonly referred to as the "dumb metal" or the "random idea generator". Test participants with a daily 15mg/L dose of Arbouritic solution have been found to mumble about self succes through the poorly thought through random idea generation technique, or PTTRIGT for short, as they say. The intent to overrule the decisions made by certified professionals, whether right or wrong, seems to be very strong. The main concern is, the test subjects seem to never follow through with these ideas. Causing a repedative dissapointment in anyone who believes or has once believed the test subjects ideas (developed though the PTTRIGT method). The third side effect is commonly referred to as the "tail chasing success method". The test subjects were put in a group activiy with subjects on a placebo. The results indicate that the subjects under the effects of Arbouritium took all the credit the success of the subjects under the placebo, while during the test the "Arbourites" (as we now call them) simply chased circles and visited all day.
An test subject under the effects of an Arbouritic solution may say:

"Well, this issue came up in '83 and we solved it by custom fabbing an intricate series of stainless loops, designed by myself or course. The fluid turbulence caused the boilers to work perfectly with magic like bubble generation and I was given the nobel peace price and an eight trillion dollar reward for industrial productivity and creativity. I properly invested all that money becuase I simply enjoy working here and helping you guys out."

The test subject mentioned above still maintains employment and seems to be under the effect of Arbouritium
by Happyman April 28, 2012
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