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A creature of many sorts, often using phrases such as "Rah", "Blanche", "Arblanche", and "Blanched Almonds" more than necessary. There are certain criteria for becoming a true member of an Arblanche clan.
1)You MUST have exactly 4 members of your clan, and 2 must be cousins, and the other two must have names starting in J and E.
2)You must love and care for each other and be best friends.
3)You must be very gossipy and drop dead gorgeous GIRLS that love to talk excessively and louder than normal people.

4)You must love the shows Glee and Pretty Little Liars.
5)You must hate all people who's names rhyme with Shamenzie.
6)You must all be in the same grade and of the same age.
7)You must truly be a blanche at heart.
8)There is only allowed to be exactly 1 group in existence. Currently, this spot is already filled.
Wow, those cousins Lexi and Liza and their friends Jordyn and Emma are such an Arblanche clan!
by RahRahRahBlanche September 20, 2011
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