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A lovely and intelligent woman or girl, often one who thinks outside the box or in an unorthodox way, but who nonetheless cares deeply for fellow human beings
That lady can be such an aranxa, why last week i saw her feeding homeless babies
by Aandcronin August 20, 2011
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someone who makes no sense, the type of person who seems to have ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. someone who at some point hit their head really hard and became affected by it permanently, someone who seems to have come out of a fictional world, the type of person you dont usually have a serious conversation with. this is the type of person who laughs when no one else is, and usually analyses jokes, this is the type of person who people call the "geek", "outkast", waky..etc etc . these type of people are also usually tremedously energetic and always seem to be happy, something that can almost be annoying to those who arent used to being around such happy peopel. they are almost not human, and u only find one by evry 1billion humans...this can be considered extremely good luck...or vise versa(extremely bad luck)
there goes that idiot aranxa, why is aranxa so weird? what is aranxa laughing at? whats goin trough aranxas mind? does aranxa have a brain? at least aranxas not as bad as her sister. did aranxa hit her head at birth?
by chuks May 14, 2008
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