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Man with the power of the plow.(plow being Arado in spanish) Renown for his archievements in the hedge end area.

Legend tells that he confronts portuguese drink'ataurs for whole evenings sometimes various times a week. Able to withstand the toxic fumes often given by these (some say its the source of his powers!).

He has many superpowers, but his strongest and most famous is the ability to dish out major verbal abuse in different languages and latin accents.

oh yeah, he also drives a saxo, and hes got an alter ego like Clark Kent, but a lot worse as he cant afford that quality of living.

He runs on beer and small packets of Pom Bears.
Dr Evil: Aradoman! prepare to die....
Aradoman: who ya talking to ya homo-biatch, chulo mother bitches..? I am ARADOMAN!!!! cabron!! (nacho libre mexican accent)

another moment of heated abuse might be..
''Yo aradoman can ya help me out here''
Aradoman: YOUR MUM!
by Damanisjon October 04, 2006
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