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The study of what is 'appropriate' within society. An anthropological view on the way biological beings conduct themselves within their society, society being whatever said biological humans deem it as such. Differing societal, economic and racial groups need to be considered, as many different factors ensue. However, the rules of ettiquette, within any society applying the study, must be taken into account. SEE: 'appropriate' and and 'apropos'. Also, please wipe your damn mouth, you are spitting!
Q: "Was his rather large gastronomic evacuation really APPROPRIATE at the dinner table?"
A: "Actually "APPROPOLOGY" shows us that, in many cultures, the expulsion of gas, from either the mouth or the anus, is considered a sign of contentedness, much like the purring of felines when in a state of complete happiness. According to Appropological data, the chef should feel a sense of satisfaction as well from the hearing of such a rich compliment!
One musn't become alarmed by such utterances of the bio-being, unless the smell that accompanies said utterance is too foul smelling".
by Elizabeth King Villar August 13, 2008
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