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The action of performing a blow job on ones penis with a pre-heated apple strudel. Also known as the slippery-slogan.

How it works ::

You must microwave an apple strudel for 10-15 seconds, no more. Once heated the opposing partner will then slip the warm apple strudel onto the erect penis of their partner. Once securely in place, the opposing partner then takes their mouth, wraps it around the apple strudel, which is on the erect penis, and performs a blow job by slipping the apple strudel back and forth. Once the erect penis hits it's climax and finishes the opposing partner must pull off the apple strudel with their mouth and eat it all. If the apple strudel is not full consumed after the fact, then it doesn't not count as an "Apple Strudel BJ"
That was one hell of an apple strudel bj

That was one slippery-slogan.

I would really love it if you gave me an apple strudel bj. You know? The good kind.
by taybag March 06, 2011
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