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Junior High School chicks that hang around the Apple store 24/7 taking hideous pictures of themselves with the "hot effects" that Apple PhotoBooth has to offer (17 ugly-ass effects). I guess they aren't really sluts, but its hard to tell what it is they want, hanging around a place looking hot all the time. Often times these girls will take hundreds of pictures just to get that "perfect one" for their MySpace. Also, when they sign in to MySpace to upload that hot-ass picture, they almost always forget to sign out. This makes it very easy to ruin their life, because as you know, each teenage girl has put her entire soul and power into her myspace, a bit like Sauron and The One Ring.
Apple Store Sluts:

Becky: OH. EM. GEE. Julianna, I simply HAVE to put this one on my MySpace, oh it's so perfect.

Julianna: Oh totally, we should take some more, maybe using some more of these rad filters.

Karen: Yeah guys we can't stop now, I still have 7 empty slots in my MySpace pictures section!

(The lame bitches upload their pictures, and then leave the store. Yet they are so naive, the forget to sign off. I enter the door, go on their MySpaces, delete everything, leave awful comments, delete some pictures, and my work is done. I have cast the ring into the fires of mount doom whence it came.)
by calhopkins December 16, 2006
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